Hi, I'm Anj!
Hello, I'm Angelic Belcina (Anj), a passionate visual artist dedicated to freezing time, one frame at a time. With a love for storytelling, I've spent years capturing the essence of life's most precious moments, from heartfelt weddings to the serenity of nature's landscapes.
Photography isn't just a profession for me; it's a lifelong commitment to preserving memories and emotions in their purest form. I believe in the power of images to evoke feelings, transport you to different worlds, and make you relive cherished experiences.
Through my lens, I aim to create art that speaks to your heart and resonates with your soul. Join me on this visual journey, and let's explore the world's beauty together, one click at a time.

📍60 Miles within La Puente, CA
Travel fee applies for locations further that radius.
Turnaround time for photos is around 3-4 weeks.
If my style speaks to you, please contact me at snapsbyanj@gmail.com.
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